Welcome to Ware's the Music

Welcome to Ware's the Music

Ware's The Music Farewell

Ware's the Music (WTM) was the collective idea of local musicians and enthusiasts for a live local music festival that drew on the community spirit of Ware Town and villages.

Giving their time for free, the WTM Committee launched the first WTM event in May 2017. This first WTM proved to be very popular and well attended, demonstrating the very best of Ware and its citizens - it even made the national newspapers.

WTM continued to grow year on year, involving more and more musicians, hospitality and community venues.

Unfortunately the scheduled 2020 Ware's the Music fell victim to the restrictions of the pandemic and, like many events across the country, was regrettably postponed.

The situation was no better in 2021 as the country faced a further year of lockdown restrictions.

Arguments were made for holding a compromised event later in the year but the WTM Committee wished to uphold the quality and integrity of the WTM brand through maintained community spirit and engagement.

Despite this, the Pubwatch venues decided not to support any future events organised by the Ware's the Music Committee. Therefore, it is with heartfelt regret that we are forced to announce the end of the Ware's the Music Festival.

Going forward, to ensure ‘Live Music Is Out There’, Ware's the Music plan to run online streamed music events or community music projects with local groups in the town.

We will announce any plans as they develop further.

We would like to thank the many venues, the musicians and the people of Ware for their support.

Ware's the Music